About Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

PBS is a person-centred framework for supporting children and adults with learning disabilities and/or autism, who have, or may be at the risk of developing challenging behaviours. It is a multi-component, personalised and enduring system of support that aims to enhance the quality of life for the focal person as well as those supporting them. It involves the use of constructional interventions based on data-driven decision making to build stakeholder skills and eliminate the need for aversive and restrictive practices

A PBS framework:

  • Creates a system of support that values dignity, choice, participation, and equal opportunity
  • Considers the person and his or her life circumstances as a whole including physical health and emotional needs.
  • Creates physical and social environments that are supportive and capable of meeting people’s needs
  • Is proactive and preventative and aims to teach people new skills to replace behaviours that challenge, and skills that enhance the opportunities people have for independent living
  • Draws input from different professionals and includes multiple evidence based approaches and treatments that come from a shared value base and are provided in a coordinated and person-centred manner

There is strong evidence in support of PBS as support frame-work for individuals with disabilities who display challenging behaviors. The evidence demonstrates significant reductions in challenging behaviours and increase in positive skills following PBS interventions

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